Star Rabbit Tracks
Episode 6: Hero By Any Other Name

Written by James Leeper
Produced by Capt. John Tadrzak
Post-Production and Sound Effects by Jim Smagata

Featuring the Voice Talent of
Captain Peter Rabbit - Alex Gilmour
Officer First Lt. Commander Thumper - Morris "Rocky" Rungano
Helm Officer Lt. J.P. Seeker - James Leeper
Communications Officer Lt. Tonya Ears - Bobbi Owens
Dr. Harvey "Hopper" Smith - Michael Liebmann
Announcer - Majorie Jayne Cogburn
Jules Ismail - Robot Alpha
Stefania Lintonbon - Robot Delta

Guest Voice Talent of
Jim Smagata as Commander Jacob Oldhair
David Maciver as Lt. Taddy Mc Zacker
Melissa Danele Johnson as Fox Headmaster Sharptooth
Gianopoulos Fox Tracker and Star Rabbit Computer
Abner Senires as Fox Second Master
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Lord Vulpes
Announcer was MJ Cogburn

We would like to confirm that no harm came to any rabbits or Foxes while making this audio. We are not affiliated in any way with Star Trek/or Beatrix Potter. This production is for enjoyment purposes only. Music is copyright to its respective owners. Misfitsaudio production 2008. For non-commercial entertainment purposes only. Some effects from Star Trek: The Original Series Sound Effects and some from Star Trek: Generations soundtrack.