Star Rabbit Tracks
Episode 5: Why

Written & Directed by Capt. John Tadrzak
Script Edited by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Post-Produced by Jim Smagata

Featuring the Voice Talent of
Captain Peter Rabbit - Alex Gilmour
Officer First Lt. Commander Thumper - Rocky Rungano
Helm Officer Lt. J.P. Seeker - James Leeper
Communications Officer Lt. Tonya Ears - Bobbi Owens
Dr. Harvey "Hopper" Smith - Michael Liebmann
Announcer - Majorie Jayne Cogburn
Jules Ismail - Alpha
Stefania Lintonbon - Delta

Guest Voice Talent of
Melissa Danele Johnson as "Fox Headmaster" Sharptooth
Kim Gianopoulos as "Fox Tracker"
Abner Senires: as "Fox Second Master"
Janet Green: as Dr. Monica Vets

We would like to confirm that no harm came to any rabbits or Foxes while making this audio. We are not affiliated in any way with Star Trek/or Beatrix Potter. This production is for enjoyment purposes only. Music is copyright to its respective owners. Misfitsaudio production 2008. For non-commercial entertainment purposes only. Some effects from Star Trek: The Original Series Sound Effects and some from Star Trek: Generations soundtrack.