Star Rabbit Tracks
Episode 4: Hide and Seek

Written & Produced by Capt. John Tadrzak
Script Edited by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Post-Producedby Jim Smagata

Featuring the Voice Talent of
Captain Peter Rabbit - Alex Gilmour
Officer First Lt. Commander Thumper - Rocky Rungano
Helm Officer Lt. J.P. Seeker - James Leeper
Communications Officer Lt. Tonya Ears - Bobbi Owens
Dr. Harvey "Hopper" Smith - Michael Liebmann
Announcer - Majorie Jayne Cogburn
Jules Ismail - Alpha
Stefania Lintonbon - Delta

Guest Voice Talent of
Cookie Colletti - Mom
April Sadowski - Mandy
Mark Gianopoulos - John
Megan Pressley - Aleta
Teddy Smagata - James

The Crew of the U.S.S. Jackalope, unexpectedly receives surprise guests from a far and distant planet. What will happen when both races confront each other. We would like to confirm that no harm came to any rabbits or Humans, while making this audio. We also would like to thank Capt. John Tadrzak of Misfitsaudio for airing this show. Also, we are not affiliated in any way with Star Trek/or Beatrix Potter. This production is for enjoyment purposes only. And I'm your announcer MJ Cogburn, for Misfitsaudio 2008.